Commissioners Meeting

Carter County, Montana

Board of County Commissioners

Proposed Meeting Agenda

   DATE: Monday, July 22, 2019

Carter County Commissioners will accept public comment on any agenda item during decision at time of the scheduled agenda item. All public comment on any non-agenda item will be taken by appointment only made in advance with the Clerk and Recorder

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: Mail and Email; Task Order 20-07-6-11-007-0 Public Health Emergency Preparedness

9:00 Regular scheduled meeting called to order: Roll Call and review of Agenda

           The Board of Carter County Commissioners will be meeting all morning with representatives of the Dahl Memorial Healthcare Project. Representatives include Scott Cromwell with Slate Architecture; Greg Benjamin with Stahly Engineering; John Neisner, Skull Construction; Ryan Tooke, Dahl Memorial Healthcare Facility Administrator                                  Structural Plan Review of Dahl Memorial Healthcare Project        

12:00 TO 1:00 Lunch Break

1:00 Resolution 0722019-01 Resolution to increase office hours of Justice of the Peace

       Resolution 0722019-02 Resolution to increase hours of the Justice of the Peace

1:30 Salary corrections for three employees of Carter County – Cecile Kuehn, Payroll Clerk

Neil Kittelmann, Sheriff/Coroner – Discussion of Clerk wages and job description             

2:00 Jesi Strub, Carter County Treasurer

            Discussion: Presentation of the Investments



4:00   Adjourn

NON Agenda Items: 2020 Carter County Fiscal Year Budget;

                             Year End Cash Adjustments to the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget


Note: The Board of County Commissioners meet the first three Mondays each month and the last working regular day. Should a holiday fall on a Monday, the board will meet the following Tuesday.             Agenda is posted at the doors of the Clerk and Recorder and Commission Office and on the Official Carter County Website:




Meeting times for the Commissioners are:

The first 3 Monday’s of the month unless its a holiday, and the last working day of the month.

If groups or individuals are wishing to make an appointment with the commissioners:

Please Call: 406-775-8749 or 406-775-6749

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 315

214 Park Street

Ekalaka, MT 59324

Phone: (406) 775-8749

(406) 775-8750

Steve Rosencranz   Chairman

845 HWY 323

Ekalaka, MT 59324

Phone – Home: 406-775-6218

Cell: 406-975-6218


Rod Tauck

1344 Hammond Road

Hammond, MT  59332

Phone – Home: 406-775-6628

Cell – 406-939-0780


Mike Watkins

P.O. Box 44

Alzada, MT 59311

Phone – Home: 406-828-4512

Cell: 605-645-0076